Stories of change from House of Sarah and UN Women – SEPTEMBER 22, 2021

Greetings colleagues and friends of the House of Sarah and UN Women,

We are so pleased to share with you a series of feature stories and testimonials highlighting the transformative work emanating from our joint Preventing Violence Against Women in Fiji’s Faith Settings (PVAWFFS) Initiative.
As you may already know House of Sarah, in partnership with UN Women and Raising Voices, have adapted the SASA! Faith approach to preventing violence against women for the Fiji context – an exciting initiative given the global evidence this programme has on reducing intimate partner violence in the community.
Read more to find how PVAWFFS Initiative has been leading the way in Fiji’s faith settings in creating transformative changes within three Christian communities:
• Changing hearts and minds: Preventing Violence Against Women in Fiji’s Faith Settings:
• In the words of Alisi Dari: “I needed to change myself first before I could change the community” –
• In the words of: Tomu Dari: “I‘ve lived here my whole life. If I can change, they can” –

Our partnership is supported through the Pacific Partnership to End Violence Against Women and Girls (Pacific Partnership), funded primarily by the European Union, the Governments of Australia and New Zealand, UN Women, and co-funded by the Fiji Women’s Fund (also supported by the Australian Government). We are grateful for their support.

Happy reading, Reverend Sereima Lomaloma & Abigail Erikson