Our Story

Why the name Sarah?

Sarah’s change in name signified a woman whose life was changed. Her life was totally transformed when God touched her.

Sarah was the wife of Abraham in the Biblical narrative. She was originally called Sarai.

Because she was childless, she would have been scorned, ridiculed in a society that valued children.  She herself would have been full of self-doubt, lacking in confidence because of her childlessness. God promised her and Abram that they would have a child.  She became a woman of promise, a mother of nations.

The vision of the House of Sarah is that those who are vulnerable and have come to the House of Sarah will find a safe haven and their life will be transformed. 

House of Sarah  is a ministry that puts into practice God’s calling to stand alongside those in need of our care, love, compassion.

  • Our mission is to provide

                    – a listening ear…..  ]

                    – a warm heart……  ]   to those in need.

                    – a welcoming hand…]

Board Members

Rev Sereima Lomaloma

Monica Raghwan

Kelera Nai Cokanasiga

Joana Dawainavesi

Ema Asioli

HOS Staff Members

Vishika Gohil


Christina Tearawa

Alisi Qaiqaica
Team Leader

Ema Asioli
Project Officer 1

Revd Jone Tuiwaiwai
Project Officer 2

Mr Josefata Waqalala
Monitoring & Evaluation Officer

Caroline Chambers


Our Partners