NGOs and Civil Society unite against Child Abuse

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Source: FBC News – 26 March 2024

NGOs and Civil Society unite against Child Abuse
The non-governmental organizations and civil society groups have banded together, forming a coalition to confront head-on the alarming surge in cases of child sexual abuse.
Shocking statistics have revealed that the youngest victim between 2016 and 2023 was a six-month-old, highlighting the urgent need for concerted action.
The Asia Pacific Foundation hosted a gathering today, marking the inaugural meeting of this collaborative alliance.
Assistant Minister for Women and Children Sashi Kiran says the session today served as a platform for frank discussions to address the multifaceted challenges posed by child sexual abuse.
“Babies as young as six months old being sexually molested, raped is how a society can accept, we have just celebrated Palm Sunday, In every culture they say children are precious so within in our communities children by their own family members children are abused.”
FCOSS Executive Director Vani Catanasiga says during the meeting, emphasis was also placed on the importance of community engagement, public awareness campaigns, and educational initiatives to foster a culture of zero tolerance.
“This was an opportunity for us to stock of the continuing trend and increasing too of child sexual abuse, it’s an alarming trend and as a CSO we are very concerned.”
Catanasiga says as NGOs and civil society groups unite, they send a powerful message: child sexual abuse will not be tolerated, and perpetrators will be held to account.

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