Suva / Ovalau Men’s Awareness Phase Training.

The workshop was conducted for the men in the Suva/ovalau archdeaconry. It was held
at the St Luke’s church hall at Suva point. A total of 16 participants attended the evening
session and 15 participants on to Saturday 28th November, 2020. The workshop was
done in commemorate the 16 days of activism which starts from November 25 to
December 10th of every year.
The objective of the training was to increase the knowledge on violence against women
and children and its impact, better understanding on violence against women and
children can be prevented through change of mindset attitude and behavior, and thirdly
to recognize that preventing violence against women and children is our collective
SASA! FAITH is an initiative in which leaders, members and allies of a religion come
together to prevent violence against women. It involves a process of community
mobilization – an approach and corresponding activities that engage everyone in living
the faith based values of Justice, Peace and Dignity. SASA! Faith is implemented by and
for the entire faith community. Everyone plays a role and everyone.

The Most Reverend Archbishop The Primate Fereimi Cama opened the two day convention for the Suva – Ovalau Men’s Archdeaconry Workshop on Preventing Violence Against Women. The two- day workshop was hosted at St Lukes Anglican Church, Hutson Street, Suva Point.

The training had been facilitated by Revd. Tomu Asioli and the PVAWFFS team (Preventing Violence against Women Fiji’s Faith Settings).