Service Providers:

House of Sarah has a number of projects aimed at raising awareness of the issues around gender-based violence and providing support to women who suffer gender-based violence.

Sarah Carers’ Groups.

The Sarah Carers’ Groups operate in Anglican parishes around Fiji. They are small groups of dedicated women who have undergone training to enable them to help women in their communities who are suffering or at risk of experiencing gender-based violence. Sarah Carers’ Groups can provide a listening ear, and are trained to identify appropriate referral services and help women in their communities access those services.


House of Sarah has a number of trained counselors who are able to provide support to women, men and couples around the theme of gender-based violence and cultivating respectful relationships. The counselling can be specifically Christian or Secular, and counselors are available who are fluent in English, i-Taukei and Hindustani (Fiji-Hindi). Counselling is available at our building in Suva, and at designated times and places around Fiji – see the Counselling page for more information.


House of Sarah works with a number of groups to educate them around issues of gender-based violence. Examples include workshops for clergy to understand the Biblical foundation of gender equality and how to support members of their congregation through gender-based violence issues; training workshops for our Sarah Carers’ Groups; and workshops with participants from organisations such as the Fiji Women’s Crisis Center on the ways that the church can influence people’s understanding of gender-based violence and support suffers through their time of need.

16 Days of Activism to End Gender-Based Violence

In partnership with the Suva Christian Network (Talanoa), House of Sarah is encouraging all churches to get behind this important initiative.